Characteristics of a Mermaid
Millions of Women are Earthly Incarnation of Mermaids, but they don't know it...It is important to know it so live in harmony with the Mermaid Spirit.
There are also 16 characteristics and attributes of a true Mermaid, however for the purpose of what I am allowed to reveal, I will only tell you about 8, on the surface.

1 - Real Mermaids have intense supernatural experiences when they are children or when they are younger. Often seeing beings that no one else sees, especially beings that look reptilian or aquatic. Or beings that are female in nature with long hairs, or tall dark male like figures especially at night.

2 - Real Mermaids tend to have many dreams related to water. Throughout their life.

3 - Some but not all are attracted to water or feel better and happier when living next to a water source. River, lake, the sea, etc.

4 - Real Mermaids tend to be hyper intuitive, can easily feel energies and changes in vibrations, they tend to be good readers of others' emotions and tend to have more empathy than other people. They also tend to be more generous and are wholehearted, even if they get eventually betrayed. They are not naturally selfish people. They only harden based on life's experiences but stay deeply sensitive inside.

5 - Real Mermaids often suffer when it comes to relationships, for many reasons, either because they were incarnated with their spiritual companion that is always with them and prevent them from having long term relationships with regular men, or because they themselves have a highly vibrational frequency that makes the majority of men too intimidated and dominated by them, therfore chasing them away for apparently no reason.

About 80% of Mermaids really struggle to have a normal relationship or stay under the roof of the same man for long. Even if they do, they are unhappy and only stay in the relationship because of a child / children or because of some financial security. Real Mermaids are only successful in a relationship or marriage when the man is also a Siroi (male type, Merman). But it is also important that the frequency of the different water realms match.
Most of the time when two compatible Sirenes meet, it's like magic and they understand one another without the need to even talk. It's the most spontaneous and natural kind of relationships. 

6 - Real Mermaids are born with a natural ability to earn a lot of money, when they are on harmony with their elements and when they are properly initiated to the requirements and conditions of their nature. Real Mermaids often attract financial abundance more easily than other types of beings with few exceptions. Either that or they mostly end up with a very wealthy partner. Again, only when they are in harmony with their elements. This is why we perform ceremonies and initiations for Mermaids to live their full potential. Nothing is due to just luck or randomness.
Real Mermaids also have a natural ability and tendency to be attracted or drawn to the finer things in life, beautiful things, luxurious things or things that have class and elegance. They also tend to like higher comfort than most people.

7 - When you are initiated like me, and have the spirit that I have, you can develop the gift to see people in their real shape and form, or aspects of it, at certain moments and when you are in a certain state of mind.

This is why I can recognise a real Mermaid just based on the shape of her eyes and her physical appearance. I see their metaphysical form as if it is a thin layer covering them.

But this doesn't mean all mermaids look like supermodels, that's not the case. There are a Mermaids of all physical shape and form. And they are not all "pretty" in the basic sense. But most of them are.

There are also negative Mermaids, meaning those who have a Demonic Spirit from the Dark Water Realms. Some are actually very dangerous to be around.

8 - Real Mermaids for the most part are amazing lovers and have a higher sex drive than the average woman. They tend to be very sensual and sexually hypnotic. Having sex with a Real Mermaid is often a very metaphysical, mystical, out of this world experience.

Although there are 4 main categories of Mermaids / Sirens, there are 7 types (sub categories of these entities within the elements).
There are two types of Ocean mermaids, 2 types of river mermaids, 1 type of lake Mermaid and 2 types of deep inner earth mermaids (volcanoes and cave waters). 
The main characteristics of the 7 different types of Sirens:
Ocean and Sea Sirens:
* Often agitated, changes moods very fast, 
* Very stubborn 
* Unstable in relationships 
* Difficult to stick with one romantic partner, often polygamous (men) or polyamorous (women) 
* Bossy, entrepreneurial, likes to take charge 
* Loves quiet luxury, fine things 
* Rebellious 
* The Sea type tend to be a little bit more controlled, more harmonious 
* Highly sensitive but very courageous 
* Color: deep blue / marine blue 

River Mermaids and Waterfall Sirens:
* Very social, connector of people 
* Tend to love material things a lot. Opulent luxury 
* Takes initiative 
* Impatient, likes to get things done fast
* Tend to have a great voice for singing, especially the women
* More loyal in relationships, tend to have longer relationships 
* The Waterfalls type tend to be very wild
* Color: Green 

Lake Sirens:
* Very reliable, tend to be calm, composed personalities 
* Soft spirit, very empathetic 
* Often go beyond themselves to help others 
* Highly sensitive
* Long term relationships type but often unlucky in funding a partner who recognizes and appreciate their value. 
* Patient, agreeable, loyal 
* Very observant 
* Color: light blue 

Volcanic / Cave Water Sirens:
* Naturally intense, very passionate 
* Extremely possessive 
* Revengeful, violent 
* Tend to be aggressive, takes charge quickly
* Highly impatient 
* Very dominant 
* Manipulative 
* Very protective of territory 
* Reclusive, often anti social 
* A large percentage of women with this spirit tend to be demonic. But not all. 
* Color : Red, fire yellow.
2 key points:
1. Regardless of the type of mermaids / Siren types, they all have the color white during ceremonies, together with the other colors because white signifies purity and harmony.
2. Many mermaids / sirens can have a mix of elements or a combination of elements and not only within the Mermaid categories but sometimes even other elements, for example my energy is mainly Ocean element but also mixed with River frequency and Sun Fire.